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It is critical to understand the client’s needs and wants when approaching a new project. Once the design concept is clarified with the client, it leads to a vision that will be applied to the space. The design is adjusted so that functionality is always obtained. Research is always part of the design process to better ensure innovative design solutions. Quality and simplicity are the keys to successful design. Small details can make a big difference in perception and ambiance. Spaces are defined by careful attention to details: a dropped ceiling or a soffit can replace the use of walls, spaces don’t need to be enclosed in order to be visually defined, a three dimensional use of space can characterize the environment. Spaces need to be utilized to their fullest, as functionality is the final achievement of a great design. Life styles will determine the use of the space. A space doesn’t need to be designed by following conventional rules, but it needs to be functional for the end user. Rules can be bent so design can adjust to its purpose.


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